October 6, 2016 - BFAR 7 turned over the final wave of crab pots “panggal” to beneficiary fishermen of Getafe, Bohol last Thursday, October 6 as part of the on-going Gear Swap Program for crab fishers in selected sites in Danajon Bank.


Due to the bulk of the pots that were earlier raised by the fishermen, BFAR has introduced a sample of a collapsible crab trap that the agency is planning to mass produce by next year. This is in response to the reports that earlier beneficiaries of pots in Talibon and Inabanga failed to use them for fishing. BFAR 7 Director, Andy Bojos, also ordered the LGUs to formulate local ordinance on the regulated use of lift nets that such shall only be deployed in waters of at least 10 meters in depth to minimize catching of immature crabs. The bigger, adult crabs can be found in deep waters, often at the sea bottom where they burrow and seek protection from predators.




The activity went on for one and a half hours, primarily due to the issues and concerns of the participants on this new gear. Possession of small boats that cannot accommodate the pots seemed to be the common ground. To aid in proper documentation, the attendees were encouraged to participate in the forthcoming Gear Swap Monitoring survey that will be conducted by PACPI sometime in December.



A brief IEC on the JAO was also conducted and posters were distributed to the fishermen afterwards. Representatives from Mayor's office, Bohol Provincial Fisheries office, DA, and PACPI were also present.