Protection of Crab Nursery Areas and Launching of Educational Programs


Since PACPI has begun supporting BFAR Region VIII's hatchery, six reseeding activities has already been done in Eastern Samar. Thousands of hatchery-bred crabs were already released in fish sanctuaries in said sites. There is still a need to develop the site-selection and monitoring protocols for this activity.


At the same time, campaigns which emphasize the importance of properly managing the blue swimming crab resource were conducted. Recently, a hands-on training on building gravid crab holding cages was also integrated in the campaign.


PACPI members agreed to cease on buying crabs with carapace width below 3.5" on January 2011. On December 2012, the members has agreed to increase their minimum size limit to 4.0." The latter is the minimum size limit prescribed in the Blue Swimming Crab Management Plan. In areas where local ordinances prescribe a higher minimum size limit, PACPI members has agreed to adjust to specified size, as long as it is not below 4.0." These are all in preparation for the release of a Fisheries Administrative Order that prohibits the buying of blue swimming crab with a carapace width below 4.0."





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