ECOFISH Project Kicks Off Partnership for Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab Fishing Assessment in the Philippines

On January 30, ECOFISH staff kicked-off a partnership to conduct the first ever species-specific assessment in the Philippines for blue swimming crab (BSC) in the Danajon Reef. The assessment comes as part of a larger partnership among the Philippines Bureau for Fishery and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), industry representative Philippine Association of Crab Processors, Inc. (PACPI), […]

Updates On Joint Administrative Order For Conservation Of Blue Swimming Crab

The Philippines’ Department of Agriculture recently published a joint administrative order (JAO) regarding the conservation and regulation of blue swimming crab. The order implements policies that provide for better stock health through authoritative action, said Crab Council Chairman Brendan Sweeny, who congratulated regulators. “PACPI and our member companies have done a great job working towards […]

Philippines Joint Administrative Order For Conservation Of Blue Swimming Crab endorsed by NFARMC

In a Regular NFARMC meeting held on 11 July 2013 at Fersal Hotel in Quezon City and presided by Assistant Agriculture Secretary Salvador Salacup, the NFARMC has favorably endorsed the approval and publication of the Joint Administrative Order for Regulation for the Conservation of Blue Swimming Crab in the Philippines. It was the second of […]

PACPI Welcomes New Member

February 1, 2016, Cebu, Philippines – PACPI has added Byrd International Seafoods Cebu, Inc. as its 6th member to its roster of exporters. The action was undertaken after the Maryland-based company Byrd International joined NFI Crab Council to advocate for corporate stewardship. “At Byrd, we take pride in the consistent quality of our crab meat,” […]

ECOFISH and PACPI Look Toward Seafood Watch ‘Yellow’ in Bohol ECOFISH

At the end of June, the USAID-ECOFISH team held a stakeholder meeting to present their annual report, and findings for the LB-SPR assessment of the BSC fishery in Bohol. Project partners include PACPI, the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Provincial Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and BSC fisher communities.  Interim results from the […]