July 7, 2016 – BFAR 7, headed by Dir. Andres M. Bojos turned over 3,000 bamboo crab pots to fishermen in Talibon and Inabanga, Bohol, a year after SPR stock assessment in Danajon Bank was concluded.

Last year, PACPI and ECOFISH sought help from BFAR to discourage (and eventually phase out) the use of lift nets for blue crab fishing, following the result of the study that demonstrates exploitation of 70% immature crabs brought about by the use of lift nets or locally known as “sapyaw”.

Over 100 fishermen traded in ‘notorious’ lift nets in exchange for crab pots. The crab pots were designed to catch even bigger crabs having 4.5-in entry valve diameter and 2.5-in mesh size. 

Ordinance in Talibon, Bohol prohibits catching, processing, and trading of blue swimming crabs less than 4.2 inches in carapace width, slightly higher than the minimum catch size of 4.0 inches stated in the Joint Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2014.