FIP in General

A fishery improvement project operates via a collaborative alliance of buyers, suppliers, and producers. These stakeholders work together to improve a fishery by pressing for better policies and management, while voluntarily changing purchasing and fishing practices to reduce problems such as illegal fishing, bycatch, and habitat impacts. (Quoted from SFP).

The Philippine Blue Swimming Crab FIP

In the Philippines, the FIP is industry-led. PACPI has assumed its implementation, with the SFP providing technical support at various stages to facilitate its implementation. Included in its objective is the promotion of improvement of the Philippine blue swimming crab fishery in selected areas (pilot projects) and advocacy for appropriate regulation and management of the blue swimming crab fishery.

To fulfill the above objectives, PACPI works on the following activities:

  • Stock enhancement through:
    a. Installation of spawning cages to hold the purchased healthy berried crabs to release their eggs before processing
    b. Operation of hatchery-reared blue swimming crabs instars to be released in the wild
  • Working with the LocalGovernment  Unit (LGU) towards strict  banning  of the collection of juvenile crabs and the protection of nursery areas.
  • Information and education campaigns.
  • Actively support BFAR on the full process ofthe Philippine BSC Management Plan adoption.
  • Support data collection for stock assessment.

FIP updates