January 12, 2017 – US-based National Fisheries Institute Crab Council (NFI-CC) Envoy for Asia, Dr. Abdul Ghofar, visited Bantayan Island, Cebu to check on the current FIP efforts of PACPI and pay a courtesy meeting to the local government of Bantayan, headed by Hon. Arthur Despi.

Hailing from Indonesia, Dr. Abdul Ghofar was on a 3-day trip to the Philippines to tour project sites of PACPI which include Bantayan Island and Bohol. With him is the Program Director of PACPI and the Field Researcher for the Bantayan Stock Assessment project. Dr. Ghofar attended the Partners’ Meeting and Consultation for Gear Swap Program in Tagbilaran City and then headed to Bantayan Island on the following day. He surveyed at least three mini plants adjacent to crab landing sites and paid a courtesy visit to the local government of Bantayan through the Office of the Municipal Mayor. Bantayan Island, in the Northern part of Cebu, is the pioneer of the large-scale processing of blue swimming crab in the early 90s. At present, the island contributes a large chunk in the BSC production of Central Visayas, making it one of the most critical areas of the Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) regularly funded by the NFI-CC.

The Gibeon Consultancy Services, composed mainly of researchers from Univ. of San Carlos, currently implements the length-based SPR assessment in Bantayan to know the status of the stocks and help provide groundwork in resource management (see related article). The assessment, which will run for a year, is currently on its 5th month this January.

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