June 7, 2017 – Since the launch of Student Research Grant in October 2016, PACPI has already granted financial support to four (4) University students, all working on blue swimming crab (BSC) fishery.

The students are Hannah Mae Catalayban (University of the Philippines Visayas – B.S. Fisheries), Ma. Michelle Penol (University of the Philippines Visayas – B.S. Fisheries), Grecel Fatima Ventura (Western Philippines University – M.S. Fisheries Management) and Leah Mainye (University of San Carlos – B.S. Marine Biology). The latter comes in a group of three working for the same topic. PACPI has received six applications since the announcement of the project.

The approved studies include stock assessments in two critical provinces and by-catch analysis for pot, gill net, and trap fishery. The topics were chosen based from utility of data and relevance to the current issues of the fishery. According to the 2015 Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Pre-Assessment Report, the Philippine BSC is data-deficient and thus, stakeholders shall take urgent measures to address the lack of verifiable information with regard to stock heath, ecological impacts, and existing management options.

The Student Research Grant gives out a financial support of Php 25,000 for undergraduate students and Php 50,000 for graduate students. Subsidy on local conference participation and journal publication is also given.

The grantees must complete their researches within an 18-month timeframe.