August 5, 2016 – PACPI, Gibeon Consultancy Services (GCS), LGU of Bantayan and Madridejos and BFAR 7 signed the Memorandum of Understanding to implement species-specific assessment of blue swimming crab using the Length-Based Spawning Potential Ration (LB-SPR) in Bantayan Island, Central Visayas.

Following the success of the pilot SPR assessment in Danajon Bank in Bohol, PACPI sees the long-term benefits of SPR in data-limited fisheries such as blue crabs in the Philippines. This community-based tool will facilitate rapid data collection and analysis in select areas of Bantayan in support of the formulation and implementation of the improved management framework for the species.

Bantayan Island is where the first large scale operation in the blue swimming crab industry took place (Ingles, 1996) and continues to contribute a large chunk in the total crab production for Region VII. Due to the dwindling crab catch over the years, the call for scientific assessment of blue crab stocks is urgent and necessary. Results of which can provide critical intervention on managing the existing resources in the area. 

The project will be spearheaded by Dr. Filipina Sotto, an academician and a marine scientist from University of San Carlos and thru Gibeon Consultancy Services, an agency that outsources consultants, experts and dedicated researchers from various fields of sciences such as environmental and coastal resource management. Likewise, it seeks to enhance knowledge on aquatic sciences and biodiversity and promote environmental stewardship thru meaningful, scientific, and community-oriented research.

The partnership among PACPI, GCS, BFAR and the LGUs is based on a common ground to promote blue swimming crab sustainability in the country through management of BSC stocks and ensuring sustainable livelihood for future generations.