February 1, 2016, Cebu, Philippines – PACPI has added Byrd International Seafoods Cebu, Inc. as its 6th member to its roster of exporters.

The action was undertaken after the Maryland-based company Byrd International joined NFI Crab Council to advocate for corporate stewardship.

“At Byrd, we take pride in the consistent quality of our crab meat,” says President Tom Ruark. “We want to guarantee our customers that the choice products we provide today will be available for years to come. We support the Crab Council’s sustainability mission and join them in funding these essential fishery improvement projects.”

Supplying pasteurized crab meat since 1995, Byrd International has proven excellent track record in business operations. Its facilities employ high international standards that meet the changing demands of seafood consumers worldwide. Its commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction has given the company prime reputation.

PACPI was formed in 2009 through the generous support of NFI Crab Council which draws funding from the World Bank and from contributions of industry members. The fisheries improvement projects were launched in 2010 and continue up to the present to safeguard blue swimming crab resources.

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